Pore Skincare Steps. It's Clogg-less because it's Pore-less. New Pore Skincare Steps.


A set of balm (20g) and lotion (6mL)
tax included 4,950 Yen (Pre-tax price 4,500 Yen)

IPSA's unique skincare steps to minimize pores day by day

Two-step thorough pore skincare in tune with the cycle of blackhead formation.
Dual-care of exfoliation and prevention for delightfully smooth skin.

  • STEP 1

    Quickly melting balm

    Blackhead-melting oil* adheres closely to a blackhead, gets deeply into it, and dissolves it cleanly. It has high cleansing power with skin-friendly treatment oil.

  • STEP 2

    Smoothly permeating lotion

    Permeating into the emptied pores the smoothing treatment ingredients** that prevent corneocyte multi-layering makes it harder for new blackheads to appear. The skin firming ingredient*** creates a skin with less visible pores.

  1. Apply the balm to a cleaned and dried face once or twice a week.
  2. Apply the lotion right after washing off the balm.
  3. Use the lotion every day for the first 14 days even on the days you don't use the balm.
  4. After that, use both the balm and lotion once or twice a week.
Relation between pores and blackheads
  • Why is a blackhead formed over and over?
  • Are blackheads and acne not the same?
  • Could pores be made smaller?

Blackheads are caused by a buildup of excess keratin combined with sebum in a pore, which looks like the growth ring of a tree. Simple removal is not enough to prevent repetitive formation. That is why dual care of exfoliation and prevention is important.

For more information, go to
the bore-less story by Dr. Pore-less.

Bore-less story by Dr. Pore-less


A set of balm (20g) and lotion (6mL)
tax included 4,950 Yen (Pre-tax price 4,500 Yen)

Intensive two-step care to remove recurring blackheads and create a skin with less visible pores. The balm for melting blackheads and the lotion for preventing corneocyte multi-layering and closing pores work together to create a smooth skin.

  • *Treatment oil (grape seed oil, safflower oil)
  • **Smoothing treatment ingredients (amino acid, hypericum perforatum extract) (skin smoothing ingredients)
  • ***Skin firming ingredient (glycylglycine)